Start in May 2023

Copy Trading Option started in May. After a difficult start in May, I adjusted the position size for copy trading. Instead of a 1:1 representation of the Premium Models-B that is too big for our account size, we are now working with a factor of 0.43 to limit drawdownsize. The account size at the beginning of May was 12 ETH. As I write this lines, our account size is now 11 ETH. The position size will be gradually increased (currently 0,43 x ModelB), as soon we are making profits again and able to increase account size significantly. Why couldn’t we make a profit? Movements in bitcoin have been too inconstant. In these times it is extremely difficult because many unexpected turns of direction have taken place. The sooner this phase ends, the sooner we will progress again as usual. But it shows us above all that there are high risks lurking in these markets.